The HIPIMR encourages investigators to use the registry data and population to conduct research studies about breast cancer and breast health in women of the Hawaiʻi and the Pacific Islands. 

Submit all Data Use Requests via the Shepherd Research Lab Analysis Plan Form.

All requests for data are reviewed by the Data Utilization Committee for feasibility, appropriate use of data, and priority. Prior to requesting data, please read the HIPIMR Data Use Agreement (DOC form). To request data,complete the HIPIMR Data Request Form (DOC form) and send it to Prof. John Shepherd, chair of the Data Utilization Committee. Please refer to the HIPIMR patient questionnaire and radiology form for data items that are available in our research database. IRB approval is required for all data use.


Investigators using HIPIMR data are expected to submit a timely report on data use. All publications resulting from data analysis must acknowledge funding sources for the HIPIMR.