Currently, the breast health information being collected at mammography clinics varies across the state. In many cases, it is inadequate to determine a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer in the future. Using the same questions and information across the state for all women allows for researchers and doctors to calculate breast cancer risk in the same way using the most up-to-date models.


All mammography-providing centers across the state are being asked to collect breast health information via a questionnaire like the one shown before.

The HIPIMR would use this information to test and develop breast cancer risk models that are accurate for the unique demographics of the women in Hawai‘i. Ultimately, the registry will provide models to healthcare providers that have been validated in Hawai‘i. Learn more about our research projects here.

For your consideration, the registry can provide scannable paper questionnaires and technical support to any facility participating in this project.

To participate, please contact John Shepherd at johnshep@hawaii.edu.